Expat Tennis

To an expat being born!

Being an expat means an illness of sorts. You leave the warm cocoon of your social contacts and the same warmths of your home behind and head for a brave new world of an unknown environment.

OK! Now you bumped into us we bid you a new home, a cozy and well-known space of your safest den – your own body.

Welcome into the coziness of Kaplanetics! Kaplan what? – you’ll may gasp in disbelief.

Kaplanetics means instant tennis. The speed with which you learn how to play is unparalleled.
In no time you’ll cram down the technique of forehand and then your backhand, so that you can practice both shots after a couple of introductory lessons.

For those with a knowledge of the game we introduce a special new tennis reality but restucturing your rallies in the safest of all possible ways.

How do we do it? By teaching you to avoid situations where there are too many variables and fluctuations at work.

We teach you to stand still as you hit the ball using your perfected foot work in order to place your body ideally for the incoming ball. So that you are doomed to use the same motion routine once again and again. No variants or corrections allowed. You inhale and exhale(before your racket meets the ball) meaning that your hitting motion should a priori be perfect since you cannot correct your arm motion while exhaling.
By introducing this iron discipline to the motions of your arm we refurbish your foot work, your step pattern, your whole attitude towards hitting the ball over the net.

Actually we forbid it!

Don’t use your muscles in order to compensate for not using your bones.

If life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

Kaplanetics is a new method of teaching tennis but there is more to it since it teaches you a new attitude to yourself, your own body and your personal imagery.

Kaplanetics, and we are proud to state this, triggers the process of renewed identification. Through this search of temporal reality you broaden the established identity rising over routine, rituals and rirtes, taboes and superstitions of your past. You discover that in learning tennis through Kaplanetics even the smallest movements would be laden with meanings and symbols representing past existence and experience and yet interpreting them in a completely new way. You are allowed to enter and trigger dormant personal codes. So you are not supposed to pursuade yourself endlessly

How it all can be achieved? By settling for a few perfected movements which you learn with the help of our experienced instructors. The movements in the beginning should look like accidental but immediately after their introduction they will be drilled in a way they become absolutely forced.

What is even more important are a few selected principles laid down in ten ‘commandments’ of Kaplanetics. This combination of work on the tennis court and the new philosophy can easily bridge the gap between your renewed identity and dull routine of your past. The trick is to enter a brave new world and to discover it simultanously in yourself.

For information about the lessons, clinics and weekends please email us at info@kaplanetics.com and we will contact you.

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